Friday, February 15, 2013

Bicycle Ride Along the Texas Electric Waco Line

Two weekends ago I was able to take a bicycle ride from Hillsboro Texas to Waxahachie Texas.  My intent was to ride up US highway 77 which for the most part follows along the old Texas Electric interurban Waco line right of way.  I was intending to ride all the way up to Red Oak where I live.  But due to being out of shape I had to call my wife for a pick up at Waxahachie.  My wife and I decided to take the family down to Hillsboro for a picnic.  And the plan was for me to ride home from there on my bicycle.  I knew that I would be following along the Texas Electric and planed to see as much of what ever was left as I could.  I had not been down that way before having recently moved to Texas.  But I was surprised at how much of the right of way and other relics such as bridge abutments were still evident 64 years after the line was abandoned.  Part of the reason so much still exists is that one of the power companies still uses the ROW for power transmission lines.  In fact quite a few of the original high tension towers still appeared to be in use south of Italy TX.

Right of way south of Milford Texas looking south.

 Looking north towards Milford.

 Bridge abutments just north of Milford Texas over Mill Creek.

 Concrete culvert is on Texas Electric right of way just south of Italy Texas.  Wood trestle in the backround is the abandoned MKT railroad line between Waxahachie and Hillsboro.

Intact bridge over Hog Creek just south of Italy near the Monolithic dome home apartment complex at Center Point.

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