Friday, February 15, 2013

MATA Clean Up Day

Last Saturday I took part in the clean up day at the Mckinney Avenue Transit Authority trolley barn.  I enjoyed working around these old street cars.  And especially enjoyed seeing the progress on Former Dallas Railway and Terminal car 754.  This car was originally built as a Peter Witt type car with center door on the right side.  Later in the 1930s it was rebuilt and the center door was removed when the cars of this type were converted to one man operation.  This car is being rebuilt with all sorts of modern control technology.  It was nothing but a body when MATA got the car as all the running gear had been scrapped.   So they are outfitting it with modern running gear that is much easier to come by today.  It has Australian trucks but they have been outfitted with 440v AC motors and Resilient Bochum wheels similar to what A PCC car has.  Actually the SLRV cars that Dallas Area Rapid Transit operates have similar wheels with different tread profile.  Here are a few cell phone pics.

Car 754.  Car is currently being wired up.

This is Daisy the MATA Fairmont speeder inspection car.

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